[Music] Top 50 One-Hit Wonders 2000-2015

I am a self-proclaimed sucker for a catchy, manufactured, beat-driven pop song. So when “Gangnam Style” came on shuffle during my drive home yesterday, it reminded me of the horse dance craze that swept the world during summer 2012. It also reminded me what a great pop song “Gangnam Style” actually is. Which then got me thinking about other pop songs that have had a strong cultural and/or chart impact since the turn of the century in 2000, most of which had some level of viral sensationalism behind them.

The following is my top 50 picks of one-hit wonder pop songs of the 2000s/2010s. Some points to note:

  • I only ranked my Top 10; the rest of the list is descending by year.
  • I only chose songs whose artists amassed one major hit, so artists such as Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Flo Rida, JoJo, and fun., who all had more than one hit to their name, are not included.
  • I also excluded genres that were not related to pop/dance-pop/alt-pop, so no country tracks will be found on this list.
  • My list is also completely subjective to my own opinion and memory, so feel free to agree to disagree.

    #50. Silentó – “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” (2015)
    The year may not be over yet, but the time needed to build a viral hit has come and gone. If you have any access to social media at all, then chances are you have probably heard Silentó’s debut single “Watch Me,” and seen it’s accompanying dance moves: the whip and the nae nae. Catapulted to fame thanks in part to its use in many videos posted to the video app Vine, the song became an unsuspecting hit. Now signed to a major label, the question is whether or not Silentó will be able to capitalize on his newly found fame and build a proper career.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #3
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Silentó is guaranteed to eventually release a debut album, but a smash hit follow-up is unlikely.

#49. OMI – “Cheerleader” (2015)
A surprise remix by German DJ Felix Jaehn to a 2012 release by Jamaican singer OMI propelled “Cheerleader” to the top of the charts in over 20 territories this summer. With poorly constructed lyrics, but an undeniable chorus and summery beat, the track eventually became Billboard’s (and most of America’s) “Song of the Summer 2015”. With his stateside debut album dropping this month, and no hit follow-up single under his belt, it will be interesting to see how OMI’s album charts.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: After his album drops, we probably will not hear from OMI for a long time.

#48. Becky G – “Shower” (2014)
This young, fierce Latina rapper has been working with pop powerhouse producer Dr. Luke since he signed her to his Kemosabe Records label in 2011. After a string of YouTube covers, and featuring in Cher Lloyd’s “Oath” in October 2012, Becky released her debut EP the following July. It failed to chart any hits, so she went back to the drawing board and came out with “Shower” in April 2014. The track with relatable lyrics and a singable chorus was a hit, and secured her first (and only) major hit so far. With an upcoming acting arc on FOX’s Empire, it will be interesting to see what is next for her.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #16
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: As a rapper, singer, and dancer, Becky has potential to be the next big thing; however, her label seems content with only allowing her to release single after single with no major promotional pushes.

#47. G.R.L. – “Ugly Heart” (2014)
Ever heard a ukulele in a mainstream pop song? You have now. When G.R.L. were formed in 2012 as the next generation of The Pussycat Dolls, they had incredible potential. Their lineup was diverse and talented, and they were also signed to Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe label. “Ugly Heart” was their debut single off their 5-track EP, an ode to a boy with – you guessed it – an ugly heart. The song was just gaining steam, both domestically and internationally, when band member Simone Battle committed suicide in September. As a result, promotions were suspended, the group went on hiatus, and eventually disbanded in June of this year. Luckily, they left us with this underrated pop gem.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #117
Sales Certification: NA (4x Platinum in Australia)
Final Opinion: As powerful vocalists and excellent dancers, it was unfortunate the girls were not given a chance to properly put themselves out there before their disbandment.

#46. Betty Who – “Somebody Loves You” (2014)
When a flash mob video of a man proposing to his boyfriend in a home depot store went viral in September of 2013, this was the track everyone began searching for. Catapulted from an independent artist to an overnight sensation, Betty Who was signed to RCA Records shortly after the video went viral, and released her full-length debut album in 2014. Although the track did not chart on the Hot 100, it did help the original proposal video rake in over 10 million views within six months.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: NA
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: It is unclear if she is still signed to her label; even if she is, future mainstream success seems unlikely at this point, especially with similar artists such as Ellie Goulding currently dominating the market.

#45. Zendaya – “Replay” (2013)
When Zendaya broke out of her Disney mold with this “not pop, but not hip-hop” single, it proved to the general public that not only was she an accomplished actor and dancer, but a singer as well. The track earned Zendaya a Top 40 hit in the States, but did not do much for her debut album. While allegedly working on her sophomore album, she has kept a high public profile by branding herself as a fashionista. She beat Kendall Jenner to win the Style Icon Award at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, and who could forget her public spat with E! News co-host Giuliana Rancic after the Oscars earlier this year?

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #40
Sales Certification: Platinum
Final Opinion: Zendaya still has a lot to prove if she wants to be taken seriously as a singer. With an upcoming guest appearance on Empire, hopefully she can realize that her strength is as a singer-actress, not a fashionista-socialite.

#44. Pharrell Williams – “Happy” (2013)
If it feels like this track became a hit out of nowhere, it is because it did. Released in November 2013 as the title song from the “Dispicable Me 2” Soundtrack, the song slowly began gaining steam, eventually leading Columbia Records to swoop up the unsigned Pharrell to a record deal and reissue the track in December as the lead single from his next solo studio album. Undeniably catchy falsetto, popular with all ages, and an unprecedented “24-hour live music video” with celebrity cameos helped “Happy” to go on to become the most successful song of 2014, with worldwide units just shy of 14 million.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 7x Platinum
Final Opinion: As a longtime force in the music industry, Pharrell has already achieved a great deal of success as a producer and featured artist. He is not going anywhere anytime soon, but with such massive success, what will his next solo move be?

#43. Karmin – “Brokenhearted” (2012)
With almost 100 million YouTube views, it is not easy to forget about Karmin’s epic clean-rap cover of Chris Brown, Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne’s “Look At Me Now” from 2011. With an unsuspecting ability to cover fast-paced rap songs and make them appealing to a wider audience, a fierce bidding war erupted between several record labels looking to sign Karmin to a record deal. Ultimately, they chose Epic Records (probably not a smart move in the long run), and went on to release this track as their debut song. “Brokenhearted”’s release just before Valentine’s Day 2012 earned the song an impressive #16 debut on the Hot 100 and solidified Karmin as more than just a cover group. Despite catchy pop tunes, underperforming follow-up singles ruined Epic’s faith in the group and they left the label after the underpromoted release of their debut album.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #16
Sales Certification: Platinum
Final Opinion: Immensely talented and with a solid following, Karmin have been independently releasing music since departing Epic Records last year. They probably will never sign to a major label again, but if they can play their cards right, they might still have a chance for minor mainstream success.

#42. Will.i.am. feat. Britney Spears – “Scream & Shout” (2012)
Struggling to get a solo hit record since the early 2000s, and struggling to maintain a reputation as a decent producer and legitimate artist, will.i.am enlisted one of pop’s most powerful females for this synth-pop club anthem. Britney uses a faux-British accent for her parts on the song, which really is the only thing that makes this track exciting. But you can’t deny the selling power of Britney, because this average song went 3x Platinum and became will.i.am’s only solo hit – even Justin Bieber couldn’t help him chart higher.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #3
Sales Certification: 3x Platinum
Final Opinion: Britney needs to stay away from will.i.am while recording future music. Will.i.am needs to stay away from music in general, unless he’s planning a Black Eyed Peas reunion.

#41. Hot Chelle Rae – “Tonight Tonight” (2011)
Hot Chelle Rae actually debuted as an alt-pop band back in 2009. It was not until early 2011 when “Tonight Tonight” became a party hit that they began to become more recognized as a pop band. Following stints as a supporting act on Taylor Swift’s tour, Demi Lovato’s tour, and several high-profile national television performances, the group released their second album at the end of 2011. Unfortunately, subsequent singles have failed to match “Tonight Tonight”’s success and they have yet to release their third album.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #7
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: The band has a sound that works for them, but it’s been four years since their only major hit. If they can rally their label’s support behind them, they could come back with some moderate mainstream success.

#40. Gotye feat. Kimbra – “Somebody That I Used To Know” (2011)
Gotye has actually been around his native Australia for about a decade, but his only domestic and international hit came in summer 2011 with the indie track “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Featuring vocals from Katy Perry-sounding New Zealand singer Kimbra, this relatable song quickly propelled itself into the forefront of pop culture. It was featured on television shows such as 90210, Gossip Girl, and Glee. Cover versions by dozens of established artists began popping up online, and the song even picked up two Grammy awards along the way. It also holds the Billboard record as longest-running number 1 by a solo male artist since Flo Rida’s “Low” in 2008, and is the fourth all-time best-selling digital single in the United States. Four years later, you can still hear the song on radio and being covered by your favorite contestants on The Voice and American Idol. Not a bad feat for a foreign artist with virtually no previous exposure.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 8x Platinum
Final Opinion: With nothing released or charted since 2012, it is highly unlikely Gotye will experience any sort of mainstream success outside of Australia again.

#39. Charice feat. Iyaz – “Pyramid” (2010)
Following several incredible performance videos – including a feature on The Oprah Winfrey Show – on YouTube of Charice covering every difficult-to-sing power ballad you can think of, “Pyramid” was released as her debut single. A ballad (naturally) that cleverly utilized Iyaz as a featured artist, proved that Charice was a great singer, but a slightly boring solo artist. Despite reaching a disappointing peak of #56 on the Hot 100, her debut album two months later landed at #8 on the Billboard 200, making her the first Asian artist to secure a Billboard Top 10 album. Her success then landed her a guest spot on Glee in 2011 and a judging role on the The X Factor in her native Philippines a year later. Charice has since remained a performer in the Philippines, despite a radical change in her appearance following a somewhat rough coming out process in 2013.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #56
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: Charice’s new look would likely prevent her from returning to mainstream American music acceptance as “Charice”. She seems to be quite successful in the Philippines, and will likely remain strictly relegated there for many more years.

#38. Mike Posner – “Cooler Than Me” (2010)
Nobody can knock the hustle of Mike Posner, a college student who juggled a 3.59 GPA, studio sessions for his debut album, and touring gigs. Recorded in his dorm room, “Cooler Than Me” was Posner’s anthem for guys everywhere who know “that girl” who thinks she’s so much cooler than everyone around her. The music video, which made wearing sunglasses indoors cool again, helped give the song the push to the Top 10. Posner has since switched labels, released a more acoustic/indie EP, and written songs for high-profile artists such as Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, and Maroon 5.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #6
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: Now that Posner has gone more indie, his chances for mainstream success are slim. If he hopped on a hot hip-hop track as a feature, he may just have a shot. But producing will always be his best option for success.

#37. Willow Smith – “Whip My Hair” (2010)
Not many ten-year-old kids can say they were signed by Jay-Z and released a hit single. Five years ago this month, Willow Smith (yes, of that Smith family) surprised everyone when she dropped her debut single and its accompanying colorful music video. Near-universal praise ensued from the likes of TIME, CNN, and Billboard, and celebrities such as Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Ciara. The undeniable stomper of a track is an ode to “whip off” the haters and just be you. Despite its hot impact and an eventual 100 million music video views, Willow’s pop music career was short lived. She hasn’t charted a song since “Whip My Hair.”

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #11
Sales Certification: Platinum
Final Opinion: Willow’s family has enough wealth to ensure their daughter’s future success in the music industry if that’s what she truly wants. She clearly has the confidence and ability, so it will be interesting to see if she’ll make a proper pop comeback soon.

#36. Far East Movement feat. Dev – “Like A G6” (2010)
Far East Movement was on their third album before they hit it big with this party anthem back in 2010. With a little help from Dev (a one-hit wonder craze herself, although not included in this list), they coined the phrase “so fly like a G6.” You couldn’t go to any club, party, or wedding in 2010 without hearing this song on the dancefloor. Despite the follow-up single, “Rocketeer” featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic being a moderate hit, Far East Movement seemed to have lost the general public’s interest. A single featuring Justin Bieber in 2012 couldn’t secure them a hit (sound familiar, will.i.am?) and the album that followed just barely scraped into the Billboard 200 chart.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 4x Platinum
Final Opinion: As with most artists whose first hits are party tracks, it was hard for them to follow up the massive mainstream success. I don’t see their label giving them any major promotional pushes again, so they will likely be relegated to independent releases for their fans.

#35. Kristinia DeBarge – “Goodbye” (2009)
In spring 2009, a simple pop track with a perfect sample of a 1969 song began to rise up the chart. Newcomer Kristinia DeBarge had just released her debut single, and much to the surprise of her record label executives, the track managed to climb to a peak of #15. Eager to capitalize on this unexpected success, the label rushed DeBarge back into the studio to complete work on her debut album. The album dropped in July, and DeBarge scored a stint as the opening act on Britney Spears’ Circus Tour the following month. However, the album was deemed a commercial flop, no further singles were released, and DeBarge was eventually dropped from the label that had initially invested so much into her. To date, she has turned to acting and only released a handful of independent tracks.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #15
Sales Certification: Platinum
Final Opinion: DeBarge is a classic example of an artist who can sing, but does not have the star power to be a solo star. Her time as a pop star has come and gone. Betting she will stick to acting.

#34. Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne – “Down” (2009)
When Jay Sean – who had charted several hits in his native United Kingdom since 2004 – burst onto the U.S. scene in Summer 2009 with his catchy single “Down,” people began to take notice. By October, the track hit a peak of #1 on the Hot 100, dethroning The Black Eyed Peas’ 14-week reign with “I Gotta Feeling.” Signed to Cash Money Records, Jay began to be touted as the next big thing, ranking #35 in Billboard’s Hot 100 Artists of 2009. Follow-up single “Do You Remember,” featuring Lil Jon and Sean Paul achieved moderate success in certain formats and territories, but failed to achieve the commercial success and critical acclaim of “Down.” An album followed, but despite a huge hit first single, only charted at #37 on the Billboard 200. Four years after “Down” became a smash, Jay released his follow-up album Neon in 2013. The album received absolutely no promotion from his label and was panned by critics for not having a specific genre direction. It debuted at a miserable #116 on the Billboard 200, only selling 3,600 copies in its opening week, a 113% drop from the 32,000 he sold with his debut album three years prior. After parting ways with Cash Money Records, Jay has since been a featured artist on several other artists’ tracks and has independently released two mixtapes.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 6x Platinum
Final Opinion: Despite releasing catchy singles since 2010, some featuring high profile acts such as Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross, Jay has failed to solidify himself as a household name in pop music; most people can only name “Down” as one of his songs. He has the voice, songwriting talent, and charisma to be a star again, he just needs the proper song and complete promotional push to get it done.

#33. Iyaz – “Replay” (2009)
Artists should consider themselves lucky when their first single explodes into a worldwide smash hit, but not so lucky when it becomes their only hit; Iyaz is no exception. Around the same time Jay Sean’s “Down” was shooting up the charts, Iyaz was an unknown artist from the Virgin Islands attempting to do the same. “Replay,” written by Iyaz, Sean Kingston, and Jason DeRulo with Rock City and J.R. Rotem, was a breezy island jam that many people praised for its catchy tune and singable chorus. Despite a perfectly timed summer release and the song reaching a peak of #2 on the Hot 100, Iyaz’s debut album was never released in the United States, and all follow-up singles failed to match the success of “Replay.” Since 2011, Iyaz has remained virtually removed from the spotlight, only reemerging briefly this year to surprise release his sophomore album, Aurora, online.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #2
Sales Certification: 4x Platinum
Final Opinion: After “Replay” took off, it was clear that Iyaz was not built for longevity or stardom, and he briefly became a hook singer for artists such as New Boyz, Demi Lovato, and the aforementioned Charice. Iyaz will forever be known as one-hit wonder, just like fellow islander Kevin Lyttle before him.

#32. Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne – “Let It Rock” (2008)
From a guitarist working with Timbaland to being signed by Cash Money Records, Kevin Rudolf was already riding high on success when his debut single “Let It Rock” reached the airwaves in June 2008. Dubbed as “genre-bending,” its unique mixture of both rock and rap, as well as a guest feature from Lil Wayne, secured the song an impressive #5 debut on the Hot 100. Rudolf’s debut album, follow-up singles, and sophomore album all underperformed, and he was released from his contract with Cash Money Records sometime around the end of 2013. Since that time, he has turned to producing, creating hits for artists such as Selena Gomez, Keith Urban, Cobra Starship, Leona Lewis, and a severely underrated sample-heavy collaboration with Natasha Bedingfield.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #5
Sales Certification: 3x Platinum
Final Opinion: None of Rudolf’s solo music since “Let It Rock” has been widely received by the general public. It has been almost eight years and he is virtually unknown outside of North America. Future mainstream success as a solo artist seems unlikely at this point.

#31. Ashley Tisdale – “He Said She Said” (2007)
Before there was Kesha, there was Ashley Tisdale. The perky blonde who had just become a breakout star thanks to the debut of High School Musical in 2006, was swiftly signed to a record deal with Warner Bros. Records – a feat in itself, as her Disney contemporaries, Vanessa Hudgens and Corbin Bleu, were only able to secure record deals with Disney affiliate Hollywood Records. “He Said She Said,” a sort of pop-rap-stomper, was released as her lead single in early 2007. While a few of her soundtrack singles from the High School Musical franchise have charter higher than this song, and not her most impressive single (that would be 2009’s underrated jam “It’s Alright, It’s OK”), “He Said She Said” is Tisdale’s highest charting solo single and the song that established her as a contender for pop superstardom. Unfortunately, she was only signed to a two-album deal with Warner Bros., and did not sign with another label following the release of her sophomore album, Guilty Pleasure, in 2009.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #58
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Tisdale went on to form her own production company, and now focuses her energy as a producer and actress. However, Ashley is still young and also has an immense fan base. If she were to fully and properly commit herself to a pop music comeback, I have no doubt she could achieve a moderate amount of mainstream success.

#30. Baby Bash feat. T-Pain – “Cyclone” (2007)
Back when T-Pain was only one of few artists utilizing excessive auto-tune in popular music, he assisted newcomer rapper Baby Bash in his bid to become the next big rapper. The easily identifiable synths and shouts helped the song become every girl’s jam in the club, and the track slowly climbed to a peak of #7 on the Hot 100 after two months. Subsequent releases from Baby Bash managed to chart on the Billboard Rap Chart, but all just barely missed the Hot 100.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #7
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: As with most rappers who score huge breakout hits, it is difficult to secure a fan base and maintain success in such a saturated genre. Baby Bash had his time, but he will never have career resurgence as a true force in the rap genre.

#29. Aly & AJ – “Potential Breakup Song” (2007)
Many people may know sisters Aly & AJ Michalka from their time as Disney Channel actresses, where the pair starred both together and separately in several Disney Channel Original Movies, as well as multiple television programs both on and off the Disney network. However, the two were also accomplished singer-songwriters, and “Potential Breakup Song,” the lead single off their second album, was an unexpected mainstream success for the girls. The synth-heavy breakup anthem climbed to a Hot 100 peak of #17, became Hollywood Records’ highest selling single at the time, and also went on to become Platinum certified. The track also earned near-universal praise from music critics, and TIME magazine even cited “Potential Breakup Song” as the ninth best song of 2007. In 2009, with a new name of 78violet and a new sound to go along with it, many longtime fans were alienated. The group left their label, and intended to release a new album independently but it never materialized. The pair has since returned to acting.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #17
Sales Certification: Platinum
Final Opinion: While musical duos are not typically successful in the United States (unless you’re Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), there is a gap in the market for two attractive blondes who can sing, write their own lyrics, and play their own music. Unfortunately, I don’t see 78violet abandoning acting for a musical comeback anytime soon.

#28. Kat DeLuna feat. Elephant Man – “Whine Up” (2007)
Most pop music connoisseurs know that RedOne gained mainstream appeal as a producer for his work with Lady Gaga, but what people do not realize is that Kat DeLuna was actually the first artist to gain mainstream success with a RedOne-produced pop song. Soon after being signed to Epic Records at age 17, DeLuna put out her first body of work: the RedOne-produced tropical club banger “Whine Up.” With Spanish infusions, this undeniably catchy track scored DeLuna a Top 30 debut single, but subsequent releases, including a Lil Wayne-assisted feature on the Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack in 2009, failed to achieve Kat any future commercial success. She has since released a string of one-off singles, all of which have bombed in the States.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #29
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Most people forgot about Kat after the success of “Whine Up” fizzled out, and those who did remember her then denounced her when she accused Jennifer Lopez of plagiarism in 2011. She still performs at clubs and private parties, and that will almost surely be where she attains the most success for the rest of her career.

#27. Mims – “This Is Why I’m Hot” (2007)
At the height of the MySpace craze, everyone knew this song because it could be found on numerous profiles as people’s “theme song”. Mims knew what he was doing. Independently released, and then swooped up by Capitol Records, the catchy self-indulgent anthem of all high-schoolers shot to #1 on the Hot 100 where it stayed for two weeks. The track also earned Mims a MTV Video Music Award nomination for “Monster Single of the Year,” and went on to become certified double platinum. After releasing two albums and a mere four singles, Mims disappeared from the spotlight and has not been heard from since 2010.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: Most rappers who do not see follow-up commercial success usually stay busy dropping independent mixtapes or hopping on unofficial remixes, but Mims has stayed unusually evasive since 2010. Clearly his time has come and gone, but we will always have the memory of the monster smash that is “This Is Why I’m Hot.”

#26. Brooke Hogan feat. Paul Wall – “About Us” (2006)
The only daughter of famed wrestler Hulk Hogan rose to fame as a part of her family’s VH1 reality show “Hogan Knows Best” in 2005. The show consistently featured Brooke struggling with her personal life while recording her debut album. “About Us,” the lead single and a nod to the haters in her life, reached a peak of #33 on the Hot 100, thanks in part to a partnership with MySpace that prominently featured the song. A guest feature from Paul Wall, who was at the height of his fame at the time, gave the track needed crossover appeal. Still, there was no covering the fact that Brooke was not a very accomplished vocalist, and her family drama overshadowed her music career. Her follow-up album charted dismally, and she has since tried her hand in acting.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #33
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: It is hard to stage a comeback after your previous album only sells 3,400 copies. Brooke is not much of a performer or a singer. Music will never be in the cards for her again, and even an acting career may be questionable.

#25. Cherish – “Do It To It” (2006)
Few “Crunk&B” tracks ever attain any measurable level of commercial success. This track, featuring vocals from only two of the four group members, stayed on the Hot 100 chart for an impressive twenty-one weeks, and eventually went on to reach a peak of #12. After dropping their #4 charting debut album, the group returned with “Killa” featuring Yung Joc in 2007. The track was featured heavily in Step Up 2: The Streets, but despite the promo and fairly radio-friendly tune, it did not reach the heights that their debut single did. The group has since lost two members and reformed as a duo with sisters Fallon & Felisha.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #12
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Since the group has disbanded, we have to appreciate what we were given.

#24. Cassie – “Me & U” (2006)
In early 2006, many people thought R&B was going through a rebirth via Cassie. Over a minimalist production, Cassie coos about wanting some alone time to make her move on her man. The track became a commercial success, peaking at #3 on the Hot 100 and holding within the Top 40 for roughly five months. The song also accomplished the feat of reaching the summit of the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, dethroning Lil Jon’s crunk-n-hyphy “Snap Yo Fingers.” While Cassie seemed set up for greatness, sporadically released follow-up singles and a career shift towards modeling tarnished her chances of becoming R&B’s next “it” girl. Aside from a brief stint alongside Nicki Minaj for “The Boys” in 2012, Cassie has not released anything commercially since 2009.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #3
Sales Certification: Platinum
Final Opinion: Cassie has always seemed unsure and vocally challenged on stage, and now with her successful modeling career, a full return to music seems next to impossible.

#23. Paris Hilton – “Stars Are Blind” (2006)
Before there was Kim Kardashian, there was Paris Hilton. The household name heiress/model/socialite had aspirations to add “singer” to her resume. At the height of her Simple Life reality show, Hilton signed to Warner Bros. Records, and with the help of top producers like Dr. Luke, Scott Storch, and Fernando Garibay, began recording her debut album. The indulgently titled Paris features an odd mixture of club tracks, reggae pop, and R&B influenced tracks – with no less than half a dozen backup vocalists. “Stars Are Blind” was released as the albums lead single, and received surprising critical acclaim. Despite a somewhat lazy and lackluster vocal performance, people began to take notice and listen (whether or not they wanted to admit it) and the track managed to reach a peak of #18 on the Hot 100 and became one of the best selling digital singles of 2006. Unfortunately, Hilton encountered legal troubles, had her reality show cancelled, and subsequently shifted her focus to acting. She did briefly attempt to stage a pop comeback in 2013 through a deal with Cash Money Records, but a follow-up album has yet to materialize.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #18
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Hilton literally makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per night as a DJ in high-end European nightclubs. That, combined with her heiress fortune, almost solidifies the fact that a mainstream pop comeback is no longer in the cards – or necessary.

#22. Daniel Powter – “Bad Day” (2006)
Most Americans will recognize Daniel Powter’s only U.S. hit “Bad Day” as the “exit song” used on the fifth season of American Idol – back when the show was still a ratings giant and viewed by 30 million people weekly. That exposure helped the piano power ballad by a virtually unknown Canadian artist climb to the top of the Hot 100. Powter’s promo trail was seemingly endless: the song was performed everywhere from The Today Show to the American Idol finale to The Tonight Show, and raked in nominations at the Kids’ Choice Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and the Grammys. Despite continuing a singing career, Powter has never been able to even chart another single in America.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 3x Platinum
Final Opinion: Prior to “Bad Day”’s success, Powter was denied record deals due to lack of stage presence. He was also hesitant to sign his first major label deal because he considered himself a songwriter rather than a singer. These factors both obviously proved to be true, as he has not been heard from since – and almost certainly never will be again.

#21. Amy Winehouse – “Rehab” (2006)
Before prematurely succumbing to alcohol poisoning in 2011, Amy Winehouse was riding high on success that most artists could only dream of. Before “Uptown Funk” was even thought of, Winehouse was one of the first mainstream artists to work with Mark Ronson, who crafted much of her second album – including “Rehab.” Amy’s soulful, bluesy, throwback voice and identifiable beehive hairdo helped her rack up five Grammy awards, a top 10 single, and platinum album in the United States alone. Lyrically self-descriptive, with live instruments and a classy vocal delivery from Winehouse, the track also had a remix assist by Jay-Z that helped it climb to #9 on the Hot 100 and go on to become Amy’s signature hit worldwide. Despite enjoying further success outside of America, “Rehab” was her only hit in the States.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #9
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: As with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Aaliyah before her, Winehouse was an extremely talented artist with both a long life and career ahead of her that passed too soon.

#20. DHT – “Listen To Your Heart” (2005)
During the techno craze, a cover of a forgotten 80s track brought Belgian duo DHT into the spotlight. Both the “trance” version and the “vocal” version of “Listen To Your Heart” were hits on different charts in 2005, peaking inside the top 10 of the Hot 100 and topping the Dance Club chart, eventually being dethroned by “Don’t Cha” by The Pussycat Dolls. DHT went on to release a few more singles and an album, none of which charted outside their native Belgium.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #8
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: DHT’s music clearly does not appeal to everyone and as with most dance acts, their time for commercial success has come and gone.

#19. Cascada – “Everytime We Touch” (2005)
About the time “Listen To Your Heart” was fizzling out, another dance track came along to replace it. German trio Cascada released “Everytime We Touch” – a club thumper with a catchy hook and melody – in August 2005, but it was not until early the following year that it slowly reached its peak of #10 on the Hot 100. Aided by a maxi-single containing about a dozen different versions, including a rather endearing vocal-only edit, the song easily became Cascada’s signature hit in both the U.S. and Europe. Although the group briefly returned to the U.S. charts in 2009 with their moderately successful “Evacuate The Dancefloor,” most people overlooked their return and they have not charted here since. They have since relegated their releases to the European market.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #10
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: Once accused of recycling beats, I do think Cascada have done better at experimenting with their sound. They have the ability to make a return to the U.S. market, but they have been absent so long that they would need a new sound and strong lead single to make any serious impact.

#18. Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone – “Ridin’” (2005)
A portmanteau of “chameleon” and “millionaire” (and totally not self-absorbed), this Houston-born rapper was highlighting police brutality and racial profiling a decade before it would come to the forefront of American social issues. “Ridin’” was the product of his social message, the second single off his debut album, and no small success. The track quickly shot to the top of the Hot 100, earned a Grammy award, a Video Music Award, was the top selling ringtone of 2006 (remember ringtones?), had chart longevity of 31 weeks, and engrained the phrase “they see me rollin’, they hatin’” in pop culture for years to come. Chamillionaire has since continued to release mixtapes, but has shifted his main focus to his various entrepreneurial business ventures.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 4x Platinum
Final Opinion: Chamillionaire has lived his fifteen minutes of rap fame. I do not see any measurable mainstream success in the music industry for him in the future, even though “Ridin’” still remains many people’s jam to this day.

#17. Hoobastank – “The Reason” (2004)
In 2004, Hoobastank was an up-and-coming alt-rock band, with contemporaries such as Yellowcard and Simple Plan. The height of their fame came from the ballad “The Reason,” about a man who finds a girl who becomes his reason for…well, everything. Blocked from the #1 spot on the Hot 100 by Usher’s “Burn,” the track still picked up a Grammy nom for Song of the Year and went on to be a commercial hit in several dozen countries. Despite a string of follow-up singles and albums, Hoobastank never charted anything on the Hot 100 again and has not released anything commercially since 2012.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #2
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: In this case, Simple Plan clearly became the more popular and well-known band, while Hoobastank sort of faded away into the background. No future commercial success is in the cards again, but “The Reason” will still be a nostalgic classic for many people.

#16. Ashlee Simpson – “Pieces of Me” (2004)
The little sister of superstar Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson rose to fame as a prominent member of Jessica & Nick Lachey’s Newlyweds show, and, subsequently, her own reality show The Ashlee Simpson Show. Due to being in the shadow of her famous older sister and her much publicized relationship with musician Ryan Cabrera, many people did not realize that Ashlee was planning pop music domination. “Pieces of Me” became an unsuspecting hit, peaking at #5 on the Hot 100 within three months and receiving fair praise from many critics who did not even know Ashlee could sing. Her chart success was short-lived, as her infamous Saturday Night Live lip-syncing incident in October 2004 tarnished what little reputation she had built as a credible artist. Despite bagging a #1 debut and follow-up album, none of Ashlee’s singles released after “Pieces of Me” had any discernable impact on the charts, and she was eventually dropped from Interscope Records after the underwhelming performance of her third studio album in 2008. She then shifted her focus to acting, and subsequently to mothering her two kids.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #5
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Once married to Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, and now to Diana Ross’ son Evan, Simpson has been focused on being a mother rather than being in the spotlight. I am surprised with such high-profile relationships that a new reality show has not surfaced. However, when the time does come for Ashlee to make a public return – and I feel like it eventually will – it should be in acting, not singing.

#15. Stacie Orrico – “(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life” (2003)
Not many people will instantly recognize Stacie Orrico’s name, but they will recognize the opening instrumental to her 2003 single “More To Life,” the follow-up to her debut single “Stuck.” An upbeat take on somewhat depressing lyrics, Stacie was just seventeen years old when “More To Life” hit the airwaves. Still, many people – mostly angsty teens – related to her singing about finding more to life than “temporary highs.” The song hit a moderate peak of #30 on the Hot 100, and had similar success in several dozen countries worldwide. Orrico went on to release another album, which only impacted well in Japan, but has not been heard from since 2006.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #30
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: Stacie had a great singer-songwriter voice and lots of potential, but was not given the proper time and funding to be able to explore and develop it. Unfortunately, she seems to have disappeared from the spotlight, making a future commercial comeback highly unlikely.

#14. Evanescence – “My Immortal” (2003)
If the words “haunting piano ballad” do not immediately make you think of this timeless hit by rock band Evanescence, then you must have been living under a rock in 2003. Able to appeal to pop, rock, and gothic music fans due to its vocals and band entry during the final chorus, the song shot to #7 on the Hot 100 and went top 10 in more than a dozen other countries. Aided by appearances on the Daredevil movie soundtrack and in the Friends series finale television promos, “My Immortal” went on to become Evanescence’s signature hit. After a brief hiatus, the band returned in 2006 with “Call Me When You’re Sober,” which became a top 10 hit, but did not match the longevity or commercial success of “My Immortal.” Internal band issues and label drama ultimately caused the group to experience turmoil, and their unfocused energy caused their chart positions to suffer.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #7
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Evanescence’s debut album remains a great body of work, and “My Immortal” will always be a classic in my book. The band are still together, but I believe aside from their niche fans, mainstream success is likely not in the cards. I would like to see lead singer Amy Lee go solo, as she (along with Hayley Williams from Paramore) has an incredible voice that needs to be heard more.

#13. Vanessa Carlton – “A Thousand Miles” (2002)
Not many artists’ debut singles engrain themselves in pop culture, but “A Thousand Miles” is one of the exceptions. After taking almost three years to fully complete the track, Carlton released it just before Valentine’s Day in 2002. Critics praised the vocal delivery, lyricism, and piano instrumental, and the track was nominated for three Grammy awards. The track shot to a peak of #5 on the Hot 100, stayed on the chart for 4 weeks, and went on to become the sixth most played radio single of 2002. The track has since been covered numerous times on singing competition shows and was covered by the cast of Glee in 2010. Despite her overwhelming initial success, the music industry is not particularly kind to singer-songwriters; Carlton has not charted anything since 2008.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #5
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: Carlton actually has a new album dropping within the next few weeks, but, rest assured, it will not see any commercial success. If she is happy releasing music independently, she should continue to do so.

#12. Willa Ford – “I Wanna Be Bad” (2001)
Before there was T-Pain’s auto-tune and Rihanna’s “bad girl” image, there was Willa Ford. Ford was quite possibly the first pop artist to prominently feature the use of auto-tune in a mainstream track. Featuring a rap by Royce da 5’9”, this liberating ode to bad girls everywhere hit a peak of #22 on the Hot 100 in summer 2001. Willa soon abandoned singing for acting, solidifying her “one hit wonder” status, and has since racked up a rather eclectic mix of film and television credits to her name.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #22
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: Since Willa is no longer a singer, it is important to appreciate this one hit wonder for the underrated gem that it is.

#11. S Club 7 – “Never Had A Dream Come True” (2000)
Despite being massively successful in the United Kingdom (eleven top 5 singles!), this coed band only charted one track in the United States. As a sucker for a good pop ballad, I had to include this oft-forgotten track on my list. A heartfelt ode to one’s first love was sung entirely by one group member; can you imagine the fandom meltdowns if that happened today on a One Direction or Fifth Harmony track? Yikes! Either way, this track barely managed to peak inside the Hot 100, due partially to its inclusion on a “NOW!” compilation and its music video being consistently shown on stations such as MTV and Nickelodeon. While still hugely successful, the band called it quits a few years later, reformed briefly in 2014, and then disbanded once again.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #10
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: The band is now disbanded, so that’s all I have to say about that.

#10. Lil Mama – “Lip Gloss” (2007)
At only seventeen years old, dancer-rapper Lil Mama released her debut single “Lip Gloss” in summer 2007. Channeling girl power stompers such as Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” the track became an unsuspecting hit, charting at #10 on the Hot 100 and thrusting the previously unknown Lil Mama into the spotlight. The “Monster Single of the Year” VMA nominee dropped her debut album almost a year later, preceded by the moderately successful “Shawty Get Loose” with Chris Brown & T-Pain, to very little buzz. No subsequent music was released, and Lil Mama has been focusing her time as a judge for seven seasons on America’s Best Dance Crew and starring as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in VH1’s TLC film in 2013.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #10
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Lil Mama is still young and talented, and could probably stage a decent comeback if she lined herself up with the right record label and producers.

#9. Kreayshawn – “Gucci Gucci” (2011)
This high school dropout from Oakland who never had any intention of becoming a rapper became a viral video sensation in 2011. A videographer by self-taught trade, Kreayshawn took the rap game by storm when “Gucci Gucci,” – her track targeting “basic bitches” who wear designer labels – garnered three million views in about three weeks. Her simplistic and woozy rap delivery made the song easily singable to the masses, and Kreay quickly signed a major label deal with Columbia Records. Thrust into fame, Kreayshawn was able to host the VMA Red Carpet Event, perform on several late night television programs, and chart her track at #57 on the Hot 100 – while “Gucci Gucci” went on to be named one of the best songs of 2011 by several magazine publications. Her debut album that followed a year later was panned by critics and performed dismally. The album peaked at #112 on the Billboard 200, selling just under 4,000 copies opening week. Kreayshawn was subsequently dropped by the label that had swiftly swooped her up, and would go on to mock her own success via Instagram and Twitter.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #57
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Kreayshawn had “it,” but her label’s eagerness to capitalize on the success of “Gucci Gucci” and their misguided attempts to find a proper marketing direction for her ultimately sabotaged any shot she had at being the next big thing in the rap game. She has since continued to work as a featured artist, but I do not see anything big happening for her again.

#8. Shop Boyz – “Party Like A Rock Star” (2007)
While the “rap-rock” genre was still up-and-coming, the Shop Boyz burst onto the scene in June 2007 with their debut album, “Rockstar Mentality.” The lead single – “Party Like A Rock Star” – was a massive success. The song peaked at #2 on the Hot 100, earned the trio a “Best Track” win at the BET Awards, a Grammy nom, and went on to become the best selling ringtone of 2007. With its pop culture references, electric guitar riffs, and remixes featuring Lil Wayne and Chamillionaire, the track was an undeniable hit and a guilty pleasure of many people. However, the group’s album missed the top 10, and subsequent singles tanked. They were eventually dropped from their label, Motown Records, and have not been heard from since.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #2
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: The impact this song had was huge, and if the “rap-rock” genre had taken off, the Shop Boyz would likely have had a little more success and longevity.

#7. Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell – “Blurred Lines” (2013)
Depending on who you talk to, this track is either known as the “Song of the Summer 2013,” or “the track that Miley Cyrus twerked to at the VMAs.” Either way, the song was an unstoppable beast. “Blurred Lines” shot to #1 in almost two dozen countries, including the U.S. It picked up two Grammy noms, was performed at virtually every awards show in 2013, and eventually went on to become one of the best selling singles of all-time with almost 15 million units sold. Later embattled in a controversy surrounding the song’s “misogynistic” lyrics and inappropriate music video, a divorce proceeding with his wife of a decade, and a legal dispute by Marvin Gaye’s estate over copyright use in the song, Thicke’s popularity suffered and he has not enjoyed much commercial success since.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 6x Platinum
Final Opinion: Thicke has been in the game for over a decade now. He needs to stop experimenting with so many different sounds and shock value tactics, pick a lane that suits him, and stick with it in order to ensure continued commercial success – and public support.

#6. Soulja Boy – “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” (2007)
I had forgotten what a great year 2007 was for one-hit wonders. Soulja Boy’s elf-produced “Crank That” (as with any proper rap track of the late 2000s) came complete with arguably “the biggest dance fad since the Macarena.” The song went on to earn a Grammy nom, become the first digital track to sell over three million copies, and earn the title of 23rd most successful song of the decade. Soulja Boy enjoyed a brief period of success, with 2008’s “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” becoming a Top 3 hit. However, none of his later music resonated with the public as easily as “Crank That” had, and he has since only released independent mixtapes online.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 5x Platinum
Final Opinion: With the music video for “Crank That” now approaching almost 200 million YouTube views, there is no denying that this song was a monster hit, and hopefully Soulja Boy receives enough royalties from it to live off of for a very long time.

#5. Crazy Frog – “Axel F” (2005)
I have so many questions. Was the song called “Crazy Frog,” or “Axel F?” Was the frog anatomically incorrect? What was up with the superhero-themed animated music video? Did you know there was a Kidz Bop cover version? Did you know this frog went on to release full albums of songs? I don’t have much to say here. You should all remember this grotesquely annoying frog and his massive chart and ringtone slayage from mid-2005.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #50
Sales Certification: Gold
Final Opinion: Can you believe this was ever a “thing”? I had a hard time choosing whether to include this or the equally annoying and creepy “Gummy Bear” song.

#4. Baauer – “Harlem Shake” (2013)
Before there were Ice Bucket Challenge videos, there were the “Harlem Shake” videos. Whether you view Baauer’s debut single as a novelty song or a legitimate dance track, you cannot ignore the power social media had in driving the song to #1 on the Hot 100. Initially released in 2012, the track did not pick up steam until early 2013. Much in the same way everyone was eager to share their Ice Bucket Challenge videos, people wanted to share their “Harlem Shake” videos as well. Heralded as “the biggest viral sensation since Gangnam Style” a year prior, the song went Top 10 in several countries and remained at #1 for five weeks in the U.S. – an unprecedented feat for an instrumental dance track.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 2x Platinum
Final Opinion: Baauer is still relatively new to the game to be labeled as a one-hit wonder just yet; however, he does have his future work cut out for him after the massive success of “Harlem Shake.”

#3. Rebecca Black – “Friday” (2011)
If you are somewhat in tune with pop culture, you probably either chuckled or rolled your eyes when you saw my choice for #3. Seemingly an overnight sensation thanks to a shoutout from Tosh.0, many people can instantly recognize “Friday” for its odd robotic singing style and awful lyricism. And they are not alone. The song is often referred to as “the worst song ever.” Its YouTube video is one of the most disliked videos on the site, with an over 72% dislike rating. Yet again, the power of social media could not be ignored, and people began sharing the video simply for how awful it was. The song went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies, landed at #58 on the Hot 100, charted moderately in about half a dozen other countries, and secured Rebecca performance slots on America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show, and Good Morning America. The track was covered by the likes of Justin Bieber, the Glee Cast, and Katy Perry, the latter of which also invited Rebecca to cameo in her music video for “Last Friday Night.”

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #58
Sales Certification: NA
Final Opinion: Black may forever be known as the girl who needed a bowl for her cereal and could not decide which seat to take, but she did solidify her place in pop culture and has definitely used the negative publicity to her advantage. She currently has over a million followers on Twitter and YouTube, and has continued to take vocal lessons and rebranded herself as a YouTube star, always keeping her eye on fame.

#2. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Call Me Maybe” (2012)
Like Bieber before her, Jepsen was a Canadian import that was signed by Scooter Braun when her catchy, bubblegum pop single “Call Me Maybe” first started taking off in late 2011. The track was nothing less than a monster. It spawned dozens of cover and parody versions, two Grammy noms, was the best selling digital single of 2012 and one of the best selling singles of all time, was named the unofficial “Song of the Summer 2012,” shot to #1 in over a dozen countries, and earned a whopping 9x Platinum U.S. certification; Jepsen seemed to have her work cut out for her. She briefly enjoyed follow-up success later that year with “Good Time” – a catchy, upbeat ode to fun with electronica band Owl City – but her solo efforts did not resonate with the general public the way “Call Me Maybe” did. Two albums and five singles later, including one where she tried to replicate the “Call Me Maybe” formula (2015’s “I Really Like You”) she is still known as the “Call Me Maybe” girl, just with a bit more critical acclaim under her belt.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #1
Sales Certification: 9x Platinum
Final Opinion: In my opinion, Carly’s music is boring and her voice is very limited. I am honestly surprised her record label has not dropped her, as she is never going to be a lucrative mainstream pop act. She will continue to have a career in music for years to come, but with more vocally impressive female contemporaries around her, she will never again come close to matching the acclaim and success of “Call Me Maybe.”

#1. PSY – “Gangnam Style” (2012)
No song since the turn of the century has been more impactful than PSY’s Korean hit “Gangnam Style.” Renowned in the K-Pop world, but virtually unknown outside of South Korea, PSY became a viral sensation in summer 2012 when the music video for the lead single from his 6th Korean album hit YouTube. Complete with tongue-in-cheek humor, epic action sequences, and a fully choreographed “horse dance,” the video checked every box required for a viral sensation. To fully comprehend just how impactful this track was, let us just take a moment to review the non-exhaustive list of accolades the song/video managed to rack up, shall we?

  • First Internet video to ever reach one billion views
  • First Internet video to ever reach two billion views
  • Most viewed K-Pop music video on YouTube, dethroning longtime record holders Girls’ Generation’s 2009 hit “Gee”
  • Most “liked” video on YouTube, dethroning “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO and subsequently earning a Guinness World Record for the feat.
  • Became the first Asian artist to perform a track in an Asian language on a major awards show at the 2012 American Music Awards
  • Picked up nominations at the American Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, and Billboard Music Awards, among others.
  • Peaked at #2 on the Hot 100, just behind Maroon 5’s “One More Night,” and in doing so became the first K-Pop track to enter the Hot 100 since Wonder Girls charted at #76 with “Nobody” back in 2009
  • Charted in three dozen other territories, topping the charts in two dozen of those
  • Became one of the best selling digital singles ever, moving over 13.5 million units
  • The track was covered by the cast of Glee, who had to learn how to properly pronounce all the lyrics
  • Spawned hundreds of parodies and cover versions from the likes of NASA to several different branches of the U.S. Military
  • Taught the “horse dance” to everyone from Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres to Barbara Walters and Madonna

And the list could go on and on. PSY will never be able to match this whirlwind success; he has already tried. His “Gangnam Style” follow-up track, “Gentleman,” was released in early 2013 and was fairly successful in most markets. Unfortunately, it did not have the organic feel that “Gangnam Style” had, suffered from lack of longevity and an obvious attempt at replication, and was soon forgotten about. But who cares? PSY no longer has anything left to prove. What he accomplished in a year is what most artists only dream to accomplish throughout their entire careers.

Billboard Hot 100 Peak: #2
Sales Certification: 5x Platinum
Final Opinion: More viral sensations will come, but nothing will ever top this, ever.